The overall aim of ADEPT project is to increase the quality and scope of the research at the Product Design and Robotics Department of the University Transilvania of Brasov in the field of design of environmentally benign products and technologies integrating green energy sources and to promote the scientific and technological excellence of the Department such as to better meet the economical and social needs at regional and national level and facilitate the integration into the European Research Area.

  Project ADEPT includes a set of accompanying measures that will enable training of researchers, spreading of excellence, creation of a European partnership and joint research at European level.

  Under Framework 5 and the Competitive Growth Programme, Project ADEPT is a collaborative Project involving eight European Universities and 4 Industrial Companies as well as Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) working in the fields of traditional competence of PDR Department (Product Design and Robotics) as well as in the new field to be developed eco-design and green energy sources.

  Project ADEPT aims to create a European strategic partnership, able to compete for research projects under various schemes as well as cooperation with Industrial companies

  ADEPT is a continuously developing partnership built around PDR Department based on common research interests with the research centers from EU active in the project, with the aim of promoting collaborative work and projects at European level