The overall aim of this project is to improve manufacturing performance by developing systems, based on virtual reality, which will enable and enhance the design, monitoring safe control and operation of industrial processes, as well as providing high quality training of staff in the operation of industrial plants. The technology that VR brings to the project enables operators to be interactive and immersed into the "virtual and real" workplace. The industrial process design and control applications are particularly relevant to those where the design and operation of the processes have significant safety, and/or environmental implications.
Project IRMA is a Configurable Virtual Reality System for Multi-purpose Industrial Manufacturing Application.
Project IRMA is an international Project involving Europe, Japan and Switzerland.
Under Framework 5 and the Competitive Growth Programme, Project IRMA is a collaborative Project involving six European Industrial (Manufacturing and Software Developers) Companies and one University with expertise in the Virtual Reality environment. A number of Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) will also be involved.
At the successful completion of the Project the products developed will be commercially exploited and the technology will be disseminated to Companies throughout Europe/the world.