The scientific and technical objectives of TRIMA platform are to develop an integrated approach on training and research at University Transilvania of Brasov in the field of Virtual Reality (VR). The scientific and technical goal is to allow the application of the most recent scientific achievements of VR in the field of CAX software for the product design, medicine, art tourism and services applications.
In the field of medicine, robotics seems to be the technology of the future, together with all related technologies including VR. Applications related to planning, training, and assistance using VR techniques are already top subjects in the prestigious publications as well as projects running at European and International levels.

The main novelty TRIMA brings is the combination of VR technologies with the product engineering (design, testing, and prototyping), modern medical systems as well as art and tourism software - with the aim of creating a new generation of computer user interfaces, able to offer bidirectional multimodal interaction facilities in an immersive 3D virtual environment.
TRIMA aims at the exploration of frontiers of knowledge in the science of man-machine interfaces design and testing towards new paradigms for interaction in a 3D virtual environment. The potential impact at socio-economic level, as well as international research is significant, opening the possibility for revolutionary changes in the software from the product engineering, medical engineering and tourism.